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Mrugesh Panchal is a director in Bharti Consulting Services SARL, an ISO 9001-2008 certified IT Service Provider Company having its headquarters in Clichy, France and its operations center in Vadodara, Gujarat – India. Mrugesh is a co-founder of the QuickScrum scrum tool, a powerful, easy to use, and “features rich” versatile scrum software supporting Agile and Scrum framework. The scrum project management tool is centered upon implementing Scrum framework into ongoing projects. To know more please visit www.QuickScrum.com.
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The Most Efficient Scrum Tool

Quickscrum help teams to follow Scrum rightly and thrive for continous improvements.

Scrum Features

Simple and easy to understand features will help you get started quickly

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Quickscrum helps teams to keep all stories in centralize location. It prioritize them based on business values and Estimated Size.

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Define timebox duration & plan the timebox accurately, based on the overall team availability.

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Board helps team to execute timebox faster. Split all workitems into subitems, estimate required efforts, attach files & collaborate with team members.

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Keep every team members on the same page for Project & Timebox progress as well communicate with team members over any specific workitem.

Scrum Tool dashboard


Scrum charts such as Burndown, Velocity, Effort Variance and Distribution provides detail insights about project and timeboxes. It helps team to thrive for continuous success.

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